TEAM MEMBERS (Ages 2-18)

FOR THE U.S. ONLY: All children and youth must register here. Local Coaches will give each Team Member the CCC Team Member Registration Form. Local Teams set their own park or facility rules which will be included on their form. Team Member Registration Forms must be signed by Parents or Legal Guardians.


    FOR THE U.S. ONLY: All Staff and Volunteers must give their local Coach the CCC Staff Member Registration Form which gives permission for a background check. We encourage “safe zones” for children and youth at all locations that choose to use the CCC materials.


    If you are a Coach, then please register your team here. Indicate how many CCC Jersey logos you need and we will ship them to you. You may also use this electronic form to request to have the CCC Gold Rewards shipped to you. Once you register your team we will send to your email the Team Member and Staff Registration forms. You will need to change them to match your rules and locations.