Discipleship Lesson 12



If we are honest with ourselves, we will probably agree that the thing that makes most people look at the gospel is a changed life. A changed life is something that will catch people’s attention.

1 CORINTHIANS 2:14 tells us that the natural man (the man who has not received Jesus as his Savior yet), cannot understand spiritual things. Spiritual things are foolish to him. This person cannot understand spiritual things because he has not been born spiritually.

The important thing about following this spiritual truth is that we will soon realize that we must present spiritual things in a manner that the world can understand. The only thing the world understands is physical or material. In other words, we must learn to explain to them in a natural or worldly way, the effects that spirituality can have upon a person (for the better). This is not going to be easy, but it is the only thing that we can do, that they can understand.

There are two kinds of people in our world: Believers and Non-believers. We have to live with and help both groups. The way we relate to both these groups will affect the way they picture us. The image we want to project is an image of encouragement and dedication to the Lord. This way, people can look at us and physically see what the spiritual has done for us. This image will help us conquer more territory for God’s kingdom. The world will see Jesus in us, and that is every disciple’s desire.


Fellowship involves the way we relate to other believers (brothers and sisters in Christ). We must understand that even though we do not agree on everything, that if we have received Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we are brothers. There is nothing that can change that fact! We are a family. All believers belong to God’s family.

1 Timothy 5:1-2 tells us we must act in a unique way when the family is concerned.Ā 

We must treat our elders in the family as we would our parents, and those who are our age and younger must be treated as brothers and sisters. We are family, and our behavior must be one of love because our Heavenly Father is LOVE.

JAMES 5:16 teaches us to confess our weaknesses to each other and pray for each other so that we can be healthy. As we share our weaknesses with others, we will know how to help and protect each other a little better.

COLOSSIANS 3:12-13 says that we must be patient and put up with each other. It also says that if a brother offends us, we must forgive him. We have to understand that even though we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, some of us have not reached the same spiritual maturity as others; therefore, we need to be patient and teach each other.

HEBREWS 13:17 indicates that our spiritual family has structure. If the family was not organized, we would never get anywhere, because everyone would be doing their own thing. God has placed a Pastor over His congregation, to be the spiritual leader or guide. The pastorĀ has an awesome responsibility and needs the family’s cooperation to accomplish the task of leading the flock.

GALATIANS 6:6 tells us of the need to share our victories with those who have taught in spiritual warfare. We must consider those who teach us the Word, as our older brothers and sisters, who watch over us and protect us, as they teach us the responsibilities we must share as a family.

No one can understand us better than our brothers and sisters in Christ (other than Jesus Himself). The world does not understand us because it does not understand spiritual matters.Ā 

Since this is true, it does not make any sense for us to bicker with each other. If we don’t 0 protect those of our own family, who will?


Witnessing involves our behavior with non-believers. Having obtained good fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ, we will have the backup we need to help those who are caught up in the world.

MATTHEW 5:16 tells us that our light must shine before men, that they would see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven. When non-believers look at us, they need to see Jesus. If they see evil in us, they will not be able to see a difference between them and us and therefore, will not understand why we say they need to receive Jesus. However, if we show them physically, what we are spiritually, then they will recognize their need, and this will allow us to present Jesus to them.

1 CORINTHIANS 12:27 indicates that we are the body of Christ. We are His hands and feet. If we do not help bring freedom to the world, no one will. It is our job.

TITUS 2:7-8 teaches us that it is our responsibility to set a good example in everything we do. Such an example must be set, that our enemy would be ashamed, not having anything wrong to accuse us of.

Indeed, all this has to do with the fact that the world is fed up with hearing about Christianity. They need to SEE Christianity! And they SHOULD see Christianity! Most of the time, people take a look at Christians; they want to run away instead of getting closer.Ā 

This has to change!


As we practice fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ, what PROVERBS 27:17 talks about will happen to us. As iron sharpens iron, so we will sharpen one another. And when this process has taken place, we can enter the world with great force, and win souls for our Lord Jesus Christ!

We must remember that it is not enough to talk about spiritual things to the world, because those who have not been saved cannot understand. We will have to live the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in the flesh.


BIBLE STUDY:  Use the process of Observation, Interpretation, and Application with the following verses.

1. 1 Timothy 5:8

2. Philippians 2:3-4

3. Ephesians 4:32

4. Matthew 5:26

5. Titus 2:7-8

PRAYER: Write down the person or things for which you prayed for today.

FELLOWSHIP: Write down the name of the believer you had fellowship with and what you did.

WITNESSING: Write down the name of the non- believer you witnessed to and how you did it.