Weekly Lesson 9


The only way for us to be saved would be for God’s Son to take on human flesh. God had a plan! So, he chose a righteous man named Moses from the Israelites, His chosen people. God’s purpose was for the Israelites to go to the Promised Land and have a Savior be born for them. That was the plan.

There was only one problem; they were in slavery down in Egypt. So God told Moses to lead his people out of slavery. Moses had the call to do what all the Israelites had dreamed of since going into slavery. But this would be no easy task. It would take Moses through a lot of pain, fear, and heartache to get this accomplished. What are some of the things that would be expected of Moses? Let’s see what Moses would have to do. He would:


The Israelites would not secretly leave by the dark of the night. No, God called them to go straight to the top of the Egyptians – to the Pharaoh himself.

Pharaoh considered himself to be the only genuine person able to go between the high-gods and the people of the world. To him, the great superpowers were those of nature, like the sun and the moon, and he was the great high priest who could approach these high-gods in the beautiful temples along the Nile built in their honor.

So these two older men – at 80 and 83 years old now, go up to Pharaoh – the mighty king who thought he had a direct connection with nature. And yet what do Moses and Aaron do when they get to the palace? They went to him and said,

“This is what the LORD, The GOD of Israel, says: ‘Let my people go, so that they may hold a festival to me in the desert.’” (Exodus 5:1).

Notice that they don’t try to work out a compromise. They didn’t say, “we were just kind of wondering if it would be ok if we took the people in the desert?” In a respectful and yet straight forward way, they simply said, “the LORD, the God of Israel says, “Let my people go.”

Now even though the LORD put Pharaoh in his position, Moses didn’t try to change God’s game plan. He simply obeyed God. Pharaoh wasn’t about to listen to sweet talk, and God didn’t give him any. He said, “do it or else!”

What did Pharaoh do? He put such hardships and more work on the Israelites that they begin to hate Moses and wish Moses had never come to free them. Moses, in turn, became frustrated and angry – and even accused the LORD of sending him to bring trouble to his people. But the LORD knew that Moses was responding out of the pain he felt for his people. So how did the LORD respond? 

With great love and patience, God was saying, “calm down, Moses – it’s ok. All of the promises I made to you are going to come true. I’m going to do things to let you and my people know that in all things, I will be their God – they’ll know that I AM and I still exist! Stick to the plan, even though it hurts right now.”

Stick to the plan, even when it hurts. It’s not easy when we know our friends may become angry with us. It isn’t easy when unbelievers call us unloving, judgmental, and hypocritical. But God never said it would be easy.

God tells us to remember who He is – a God of compassion and mercy. He tells us to remember who we are – redeemed children of God – bought by the precious blood of Christ. We were baptized to show the world that God called us by name. Keep on looking at the cross and remember that God used His own blood to pay for your sins. Remember that God will never disown you, even if your friends and family do. So, stick to the plan – even when it hurts – because God will stick with you when nobody else will.



God knew the future, and he revealed it to Moses. The LORD wasn’t going to release the Israelites through Moses’ words but through His POWER. But Moses’ words would harden Pharaoh, so God COULD show His power and release the Israelites. 
God knows your future. Are you ready to start following God’s plan for your life?

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Christ Centered Champions

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