Weekly Lesson 50


Let us talk about BEING A BAD SPORT. What is a bad sport?

The Bible says: “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.” (Romans 12:15).

Do not be a bad sport. Bad sports are not happy unless they win. When bad sports lose, they often are greedy, pout, cry, or throw a tantrum.
Bad sports lie so that they can win.
Bad sports cheat so that they can win.
Bad sports criticize other people so that they can win.
People who have been criticized often lose because they feel bad about themselves.
Bad sports are not good winners.
When they win, they act as though they are better than the people who have lost.
When bad sports win, they say and do things to make the people who have lost feel bad.
No one likes to be around a bad sport. Therefore you should not be one. Instead, you should try to be a good sport.
Good sports realize that no one can win all the time.
They know that every person wins some of the time, and every person loses some of the time. They also realize that losing does not make you a bad person, and winning does not make you a good person.
Good sports lose graciously.
Even though they may not like to lose, they congratulate the people who have won. When good sports lose, they allow the winners to enjoy winning. Good sports make the winners feel as though they did well and deserved to win.
Good sports are good winners.
When they win, they say and do things to make the people who have lost feel good. When good sports win, they say nice things about the people who have lost. They also encourage people to try again.
It is important to treat other people the way you want to be treated. If you do not want other people to be bad sports, you should not be a bad sport.

On God’s Team, there should not be any Bad Sports!
Again let us see how do we become Good Sports? Follow these examples:
If you lose, do not make up excuses.
If you win, do not rub it in.
Learn from mistakes and get back in the game.
Always do your best.

If someone else makes a mistake, remain encouraging and avoid criticizing.
Show respect for yourself, your team, and the officials of the game.

Good sportsmanship is one of the life lessons that all of God’s children and adults can learn from sports. You can help your friends understand and value good sportsmanship by ensuring you have a safe and fun sports experience.

God wants us also to be a good sport in everyday living. How does that work?
Always honor God
Avoid arguing
Always be fair
Give others respect
Follow directions
Encourage others
Obey those in charge of you
Do not expect your way
Prefer others

These are just a few ways that we can be a GOOD SPORT in our daily life. If we are on God’s Team, we must always show others by the way we live; we are good sports.

Are you a good sport? Do you have some bad attitudes in your life?
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Christ Centered Champions

Christ Centered Champions

We are more than champions through him who loved us. Romans 8:37