Christ Centered Missions


Winning, Teaching, and Multiplying through SportsChampions through Him who loved us...Romans 8:37Some planted, some watered, but God gave the increase...1 Corinthians 3:6

What is Christ Centered Champions™?

Christ Centered Champions™ (CCC) is a worldwide team ministry to be used as a tool to assist churches and mission organizations to accomplish the Great Commission.


Christ Centered Champions™ seeks to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ through the avenue of team activities. Once they have accepted Christ they will receive discipleship training on how to present Christ to others. Once becoming an active Christian, they will want to take Jesus to their family, church, and the world. As the number of disciples grow the Champions Ministry will multiply itself.


It is the vision of Christ Centered Champions™ to offer its resources to the global church for the purpose of evangelizing, discipling, and multiplying through team activities. The vision begins by searching for coordinators in all the countries of the world who will be willing to oversee its implementation and growth.


In mid 2010, a group of Super Evangelists working in Cambodia were given the challenge to be creative in attracting people to hear the Gospel. So they picked up a soccer ball and went to an empty field and began kicking it around. Before long the small crowd of 10 turned to 50 and continued to grow. The evangelists presented the Gospel and new believers were added to His Kingdom. Not knowing exactly what God had planned, they asked for help. Missionaries from different countries were invited to share ideas at Christ Centered Missions in Atlanta Texas and the ministry was birthed. Although a standard set of ideas were put into place, the group’s desire was to create a moldable ministry where each country would have the ability to make changes to follow God as they watch Him work.